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Make Content Collaboration Effortless

The web-based delivery system offers fast, easy access so your board can collaborate effectively from anywhere.

Document Sharing and Permission Settings

Share and collaborate on documents, anywhere, anytime.

Portal Page Creation and Editing

Use the portal editor to create, edit and preview portal pages.

Discussion Groups and Forums

Keep the board informed and engaged between meetings.

Fast, Powerful Search

Access the documents you need faster with rapid, highly targeted search tools.

Board & CEO Evaluation

Have access to easy-to-use and cost-effective tools designed to meet the needs of each board. Getting the actionable insights you need is as easy as clicking a button!

Member Biographies

Help board members get to know each other better by enabling biography creation.

See BoardConnex in Action

Discover what a difference BoardConnex could make to your board's ability to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

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Manage News, Meetings and More with Ease

With one central information hub and now papers to lose, keeping every board member in the loop is easier than ever.

Board Calendar

Keep your board informed about meetings and events through an integrated calendar with reminder support.

Timely Reminders

Ensure deadlines are never missed by key board members informed when action is required.

Board Packages

Create and share complete board meetings packages - including agendas, minutes, pre-reads, work plans, reports and more.

Post New and Updates

Communicate important information as it happens.

We were impressed by the ease of use of BoardConnex. I am not a very technologically savvy person, so it was important for us to have a portal that was easy to use.

Kayleigh Rossetto
Brock University Student Union

Get the Governance Resources you Need - and Support Whenever you Need it

In addition to connecting board members to each other, BoardConnex gives you access to a wealth of best-practice governance tools, templates and more.

Sample Templates for Governance Best Practices

Help your board plan more effectively and stay compliant with sample best-practice templates and tools.

Governance Research Library

Every BoardConnex portal includes an up-to-date governance library from Governance Solutions.

Access to Governance Expertise

Get the answers you need with easy access to the experts at Governance Solutions through BoardConnex.

24/7 Governance Support

The BoardConnex team is available around the clock to help with any and all of your governance issues.

Boardroom Culture Tool

Help your board understand its culture and take with this specialized, proprietary tool.

Board Evaluation Toolset*

Help Your board assess and manage its performance with and embedded board evaluation toolset.

Get Hands on with BoardConnex

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