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It's easy! To ensure you get the best solution possible, simple contact us to get started. We'll get back to you within 1 business day for a brief discussion to determine your unique needs and how best to meet them.

Make BoardConnex your own by customizing it with your organization’s logo and colour scheme when you set up your subscription. If you have additional or custom functionalities you would like to see considered, contact your BoardConnex team at support@boardconnex.com or call 1-888-698-3971, toll-free.

Yes! Please contact Rafael Mazotine – at mazotine@governancesolutions.ca – and ask for a Brochure with all the details related to our Board Portal.

Annual License Price: CAD$ 7,500 – including all features.

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Even the most impressive list of features and benefits pales in comparison to actually experiencing the real thing.

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