BoardConnex is a web-based online portal that makes it easy and convenient for board members to fully assume their responsibilities for oversight and contribution.  It supports board, committees and councils across a wide range of sectors.

Within a BoardConnex portal, board members will be able to access best practice governance tools and resources, current board meeting agendas and ancillary materials AND archived information.  BoardConnex users can engage with the organization and each other between meetings through forums, polls and surveys.

If your organization has been delivering paper-based board meeting materials, BoardConnex will not only save time and money, increase efficiency and security, and help you go green — it will get you the level of contribution so needed from your talented board members.


  • Gives direct access to the most current governance best practices, research and samples board policies
  • Provides experts for governance and software support 24/7
  • provides rapid and highly targeted access (through powerful search tools) to your documents and reports
  • eliminates redundant tasks
  • improves the collaboration amongst board members
  • facilitates board member’ engagement between board, council or committee meetings
  • supports and improves effective governance at all levels