Save time and money!  BoardConnex has a rich feature set that will empower and inform your board members while it reduces or eliminates outdated manual tasks and paper. BoardConnex will support and simplify the work of your board secretary.   Its web-based delivery system means fast, easy, organized and retrievable information sharing, before, during and after board meetings. 

Board News and Information

Securely share a broad range of the newest information with your board, with 24/7 access—anywhere, anytime!

Board Packages

Flexibly create and share complete board meeting packages – including agendas, minutes, pre-reads, work plans, reports, and more.

Board Documents and Files

Store all board communication and files in one central, secure, and searchable location

Board Calendar

Keep your board informed about meetings and events through a powerful integrated calendar and reminder support

Polls and Surveys

Collect opinions and insight from board members, especially between meetings, through fully customizable polls and surveys

Member Biographies

Help board members profile themselves and encourage online camaraderie for easy contact, better communication, deeper relationships and improved decision-making

Document/File Share

Share documents and websites to facilitate the work of the board.

What’s New Synopsis

Communicate new and important information and keep board members engaged through a dedicated “What’s New?” panel and an auto-emailed newsletter system.

Comprehensive Governance Resource Centre

BoardConnex includes a comprehensive collection of resources and information to help boards become more effective, courtesy of the experts at Brown Governance.

Sample Templates for Governance Best Practices

Governance templates and tools – in common formats like Microsoft Word and Excel – are easily accessed from the BoardConnex Tools menu to help your board set its plan and be compliant with regulations.

Governance Research Library

Each BoardConnex portal includes a library of information about governance, compiled and kept up-to-date by Brown Governance

Boardroom Culture Tool™

Understanding and shaping boardroom culture is an important element in board success, and BoardConnex includes a specialized and proprietary tool to help your board understand its culture and take action.

Board Evaluation Toolset

BoardConnex Premium includes an embedded board evaluation toolset to help your board in assessing and managing its performance.

Access to Governance Expertise

Through BoardConnex, access to the experts at Brown Governance is merely a click away.

24/7 Governance Support

When governance questions or issues emerge, the BoardConnex team is available around the clock to coach, counsel and inspire.

What You Can Do With BoardConnex

BoardConnex comes off-the-shelf with popular and powerful features which make the work of board collaboration easy:

  • Control document availability to individuals or groups 
  • Manage files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and more) through customizable document repositories
  • Search and rapidly retrieve text from within portal pages or uploaded files
  • Manage notes and comments from directors
  • Create discussion groups / forums in a collaborative environment
  • Manage the editing and/or creation of portal page content
  • Enable biography creation for board members so that they get to know each other better
  • Schedule meetings and invite meeting attendees
  • Keep board events visible through an at-a-glance calendar with drill-down event views
  • Maintain minutes from board or committee meetings directly within the interface
  • Provide means to collect input (via single question polls, surveys and forums)
  • Distribute, by email, periodic synopses of newest posted content

BoardConnex provides a simple, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use administrator interface that will have you up and running in no time.